Equine Facilitated Learning in action
Izzac Nixon

Due to our ages and years of playing with young, untrained horses, our bodies no longer want to start colts or fillies. We are resigned to fixing the problems that your horses may have developed or came with. Either way we can help. How well does your horse load in a trailer? How well does your horse stand for the farrier or the vet? Do you want your horse to neck rein? Has he lost sensitivity? Does your horse stand still when you go to mount? We have many years of experience and can easily solve these types of problems and many more. There’s a special place in our hearts for rehabilitating horses that have known abuse. It’s extremely rewarding to watch a horses life get turned around and saved. We know it takes a certain horse owner to take on the challenge, if you need help with a horse that’s known abuse, please contact us.

Often times we, the owners, are the problem and we just don’t realize it. At Metaphorse, we retrain humans as well.

At our facility:  Please contact us
At your facility: $50/hour plus travel expenses to ranches over 50 miles
Board and Training:  Please contact us